Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays

Happy (sim) Holidays

More next time.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Cityscape 1.8 Demo

Just a quick update about something I ran across which my readers might be interested in, Cityscape.

Cityscape is a next gen urban simulation engine which is (almost) everything many SimCity fans have been looking for. Take a look:

A demo of Cityscape is available and has a familiar feel to the SimCity series. With a UI menu, some AI, night lighting, custom content creator and city management tool it could be the next sim game.

Recreating New York in Cityscape would be amazing.

More next time. You can download the demo of Cityscape at PixeActive3d.com

Sunday, December 20, 2009

YouCity 3D New York Map Video

Here's a video of YouCity great map of Manhattan. Amazing work!

More next time

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Google Earth New York- Flatiron Building

Now that Google Earth has fully 3D cities and the project of making a 3D model of Manhattan in Google Earth is complete I thought I'd show the best images from "Google Manhattan."

Greenwich Village and surrounding neighborhoods

The Flatiron Building
The Upper East Side

Times Square


Looking uptown from the Financial District

Now that Google Manhattan is complete maybe I'll start on Google Brooklyn... we'll see how time permits.

If you haven't already download the latest version of Google Earth. It's a must have application for an urban simulation/mapping fan.

More next time.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Park Avenue Redux

Here's a redo of one of my earlier pictures capturing Park Avenue in the spring, at least around 53rd Street.

More next time.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sim New York Goes Back in Time: Part One

Here's the first part of our time travelin' series.

We'll travel back in time to the mid-90's when SimCity 2000 was the latest and greatest game and Times Square was becoming more family freindly. First stop: six years ago.

Times Square, 2003

We start our journey on 42nd and Broadway in 2003. The city was getting over 9/11 and word was beginning buzz around City Hall about New York tossing it's hat into the bid for the 2012 Olympics.

Trump was busy constructing Trump Place on the Upper West Side, the finishing touches were going on the AOL Time Warner Center and Mayor Bloomberg made it official a smoking ban would be in place for restaurants and bars.

Upper East Side, 1998

Next stop the Guggenheim Museum, 1998. In this year on the Upper East Side alone, You've Got Mail, , The Perfect Murder, Town and Country, the Out of Towner's, the Thomas Crowne Affair, Finding Forester and Eyes Wide Shut were filmed in and around this area, not to mention Law & Order and Sex and the City (causing some residents to be star struck and some to have headaches).

Down in Midtown America's first green skyscraper was half way finished and getting rave reviews from architects and residents alike; the Conde Nast Building.

Plus, average rent was "only" $1,600 per month back then.

SoHo, 1996

Ah, New York in the mid 90's.

The police cars were blue, the subway cars were still red (mostly), gas guzzling big Crown Vic's and Caprice's ruled the roads and gigantic billboards advertising Tommy Hilfiger, Joe Boxer and of course DKNY were plastered on the sides of buildings throughout the city(the famous DKNY billboard was replaced last year by Abrocrombie & Fitch)

Times Square was also noticeably different than it is now.

Next time we'll head back into the 1980's and 1970's.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

YouCity 3D New York Map

Here's a video of YouCity's incredible 3d map of Manhattan- all made of true 3D buildings. Looks very much like SC3000.

More next time

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cityscape in Crysis

Here's Skape 3D Map of Leicester England to give you an idea of what to expect:

Cities XL comes close to this but the level of detail shown in this video is much greater. Makes you wonder about the next gen city builder. Also, makes you wonder how AI would be integrated into the simulator. GTA IV (despite being controversial) does a good job of integrating AI with the environment as show below.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Sony Tower Finally Available!

Sony Tower has made it's way into SimCity and is finally available in the downloads section. Get it while it's hot!

From Wikipedia, Sony Tower, formerly the as the AT&T Building, is a 647 feet (197 m) tall, 37-story skyscraper located at 550 Madison Avenue between 55th and 56th Street in Manhattan. It was designed by architect Philip Johnson and his partner John Burgee, and was constructed in 1984.

It became immediately controversial for its ornamental top (sometimes mocked as "Chipendale" (after the open pediments characteristic of the famous English designer's bookcases and other cabinetry), but enjoyed for its spectacular arched entranceway, measuring about seven stories in height. With these ornamental additions, the building challenged modernism's demand for stark functionalism and purely efficient design. Because of this it is considered by many critics to be a prime example of postmodern architecture.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 9/11: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Today marks the 8th anniversary of 9/11. We'll have a Sim tribute by looking back...

And looking forward...

More next time.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

One Liberty Plaza

Here's an update on one of my BAT's for the project, One Liberty Plaza. The roof needs textures and and building needs nightlighting but other than that it's close to being completed.

Be on the look out for this when it's finished.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Coney Island

Before we head to the Hamptons we need to go to Coney Island. Summer in New York would not be summer without a stroll along the boardwalk or stopping by Nathan's Hot Dogs.

The section of the map where Coney Island is located hasn't been updated in for awhile, but thanks to the BAT of the Wonder Wheel (or as it is depicted in the BAT the Liberty City Wheel from GTA IV) Here are some pictures below of the area.

The Cyclone in SimCity (available at Simtropolis) Still a bit of work to be done on this part, but most of my focus is on developing Manhattan

An overview at night. In real life Coney Island still lights up the night sky.

Stay tuned for more next time.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lower Manhattan Updated Finally

I recently updated Lower Manhattan and removed the World Trade Center so the region would not be in a time warp between pre and post 9/11. Here's the most recent shot of the region.

As you can see the area now looks a little... empty. I'll have to solve that with BAT ;) I haven't put the new One World Trade Center in because it hasn't been built yet and I'm trying to keep this recreation as accurate as possible. There's only a construction site for the new 1 WTC just like in reality. Here's pre 9/11 region shot for anyone interested.

I'll have close up of the area in another post. More to come later.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

YouCity Launches Manhattan Map

A source of inspiration for my project has come from watching the progress of YouCity's map of Manhattan. After working for years on their 3D map of New York YouCity the team has finally launched their map of Manhattan.

It really has the feel of SimCity 3000 and I'm still wondering if every building is modeled in complete 3D, it appears as if they are. You can check it out yourself at youcity.com

Sunday, July 12, 2009

SimCity Does the Hamptons

Pack your Polo shirts (and clubs) and break out your sandals because we're headed to the Hamptons next weekend for a virtual summer vacation in SimCity.

Be on the lookout for that. More next time.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Statue of Liberty Re-opens for the Foruth of July

Today the Statue of Liberty reopened to the public after being closed since 9/11. Now it is open again for tourists and locals alike to enjoy the views from the crown. Visitors are still not allowed to go up to the torch as it is still closed and only 30 visitors can go up to the crown at one time as the area is so small.

You can read more at this Daily News article.

More later.

4th of July SimCity Style

Happy 4th of July!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Donation Downloads

I'm raising funds for my long term goals of the recreation project:

-Pay for hosting and an existing domain name for a separate website
-Buy some 3D models of landmarks (to expedite the tedious BATing process)
-Purchase Sketchup Pro.

The files will be delivered to you via email in a ZIP file as soon as I get notification of a donation.

General FAQ

Isn't this already the website for the project?

For now it is until everything can be moved to site where all the downloads can be organized in an easier fashion. Even though it is technically a blog, Blogger is limited in what you can do,  how you can design your content and organize your information. I would like to have a more easily navigable website in the long term. The project is now getting too big to fit on one blog and it needs to be moved to a real website.

Does this mean we have to pay for all your creations in the future?

No, this is the first and only set of downloads that will cost anything. Everything else will continue to be free. Only these downloads are only available to those who donate.

How much should I donate?

You can donate any amount you want (although donations of $1 or less get eaten up by PayPal and don't go to the person you're donating to unfortunately) I appreciate any support and am thankful for the support I have already received.

Do I need a credit card to donate?

No credit cards are needed to donate, but they still are accepted.

Can someone donate internationally to get the downloads?

Yes, international donations are accepted unless you're a prince from Kenya donating your fortunes :)

What do I get for donating?

You will get 4 of my BAT's and the 3D model files which you can modify the shape or textures of:

-The Metropolitan Club
-A typical New York low rise mixed use apartment
-Tom's Restaurant (the diner in Seinfield)
-Trinity Church

You will also get 3 car props to place on lots:

How do I get the downloads?

I will send the file to you via email. It should arrive in a Zip file within 24 hours or less; so be sure you have WinZip or a similar file unpacking application so you can place the files into your SimCity folder. Be sure also to give me your email so I can email you the file.

Are there any dependencies that are needed for these downloads?

Unfortunately, yes but only for one file thankfully. Trinity Church uses JBSimio's fence prop on the lot. You need to download BSC MEGA Props JBSimio Vol01 and Vol 2 at SC4 Devotion you'll also need my New York Props Pack available in the downloads section.

If you have any questions email me at ehanso3@yahoo.com or PM me at Simtropolis.com; at my account there: Hanson784.

Many thanks!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Harlem in the Making

Here's some progress shots of Harlem, East Harlem specifically around 3rd Avenue from 106th Street to 125th Street. I was working on this area and turned on the night view after I plopped down marcszar's fantastic NYC Housing Projects (available in the downloads section) They looked so nice and realistic at night I took some pictures.

Some things may change I will tweak for accuracy, but for now it looks pretty good. More next time

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Google Earth Brooklyn

I've show some of my Google Earth project on here already but have been mainly focusing on Manhattan. Brooklyn and the other boroughs often get the short end of the stick when they are mapped out either in tourists guides or online mapping services. Now we'll cross the Brooklyn Bridge and see a little bit of 3D Brooklyn. (Besides if you're going to map New York in 3D you should include all five boroughs eventually.)

Housing projects located in between the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge in the neighborhood known as DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass).

Further along we come across Borough Hall which looks kind of lonely without the rest of the 3D building layer turned on. More textured buildings will out Downtown Brooklyn in the coming weeks and months.

Finally, we end up in Prospect Park or rather at Grand Army Plaza and the Brooklyn Public Library.

More Google Earth New York (Brooklyn) next time.

BTW, check out YouCity's 3D map of New York, the team is beginning to map out Brooklyn. You can view it here.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Google Earth Model Making- Tutorial Video

For anyone interested in knowing how the Google Earth team create their massive 3D cities with relatively decent quality models now can gain insight into the process.

This is the process that is similar to how the Google Earth team creates their expansive 3D cities, although it still looks time intensive.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

927 Fifth Avenue- A Thank You Gift

With my recent post on cracking down on spam I wanted to post something positive. As I don't have a proper update ready yet (still) I do however have another New York BAT ready for download as a thank you to everyone out there for taking in interest in my gigantic project to recreate New York in Simcity. Or at least recreate sections of it :)

I'll put it up in the downloads section later but for now you can download it right here off the main page.

It's 927 Fifth Avenue and the luxury co-op located at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 74th Street on the Upper East Side. The address was home to Mary Tyler Moore and New York's most famous pair of birds, Pale Male and Lola.

I've been meaning to put it up for download ever since last year but somehow it got lost in the shuffle. Now it's finally available.

BTW, that giant green diamond is not a lost diamond of one of a socialite resident, it's a surprise animation. Enjoy and thank you again.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Comment Spam Crackdown

I've been away from the blog for a bit due to real life responsibilities and have come back to some unpleasant comment spam left by several bloggers (or one with multiple Blogger accounts)

Every blogger deals with comment spammers but if it continues I'll have to put the "approve comment" setting on.

BTW, there's a new download in the downloads section so be sure to take a look.

Friday, April 17, 2009

SimCity Downloads: More NYC BAT's in Process Being Built

Just a quick update to tell everyone I'm in the process of BATing up some buildings that should be ready to hit the simcity downloads section soon. Be on the look out for them in the next couple of days.

Speaking of downloads some of you may have noticed KS JPN has updated his site, SimCity BAT Showcase. He changed his URL so update your bookmarks, I have posted the new URL in the links section. I'll be adding more BAT links in the near future.

More next time.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

YouCity's Amazing 3D Map of Manhattan

If you haven't heard about the site YouCity or checked it out yet you should take a look. The YouCity team has been diligently working on mapping and modeling Manhattan.

The website is actually a social networking site with a 3D map that is displays information on entertainment hot spot in the city. It seems like an interesting concept (social mapping service?) The map really reminds me of SimCity 3000.

I spoke on the phone a couple of months ago to the man behind YouCity, Shu Zang. He told me each building is individually modeled to accurately represnt the area. Now that's detailed dedication. I'm not sure how many people are modeling the buildings but it must be a lot since Manhattan has so many buildings. Also, there are a few inaccuracies and buildings that should have more 3D detail added to them.

Though, I don't think every single building in Manhattan is modeled and it would be nearly impossible to do that. Nonetheless, it's quite an amazing project and demonstrates an interesting application of how 3D mapping can be used in other ways.

You can find more out about YouCity 3D Maps and how they develop them maps at youcity.com.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

SimCity Tutorial Videos

I discovered some great SC4 tutorial videos after visiting YouTube today. I found a helpful video on laying NAM EL over road transit pieces

It's always nice to see step by step tutorials because sometimes we need visual aids and video tutorials show us exactly what to do. Very handy aid to written tutorials. You can find more SimCity 4 tutorials on YouTube.

Speaking of tutorials I'm thinking of putting together a tutorial myself on how to make realistic recreations in SimCity but that's a future project so you'll have to wait for that one.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Manhattan 1609: The Big Green Apple

Manhattan is known for it's famous skyscrapers and vibrant streetlife. Although 400 years ago Manhattan was a little known island inhabited by woodland animals and a few Indian tribes.

Here's some great renders of what Manhattan looked like back then from the New Yorker's Mapping Manhattan

Here's a 3d render of what the island looked like back then compared to now. The West Side of Manhattan in 1609 and 2009. The clearing of trees is about where times square is now.

We'll have more Sim New York next time

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Google Earth New York: A Closer Look

Today we'll take a closer look at Google Earth New York. With updated new layer 3d cities I've been exploring Manhattan with amazement at the level of detail that went into the creation of this update.

The photo realistic textures, the day/night transitions and the scale of it all is something that will take mapping to the next level in the coming years. Here's a few more images from the map.

Times Square

City Hall and Tweed Courthouse

Renwick Ruins on Roosevelt Island

McGraw-Hill Building in Midtown

One Worldwide Plaza

Could Sim New York be upstaged by Google Earth New York? Possibly, though it is likely my Google Earth Project will help my sim New York project and serve as a useful reference for Manhattan (the other boroughs aren't mapped out in 3D- yet.)

In the meantime we'll take a 3D tour of the various neighborhoods of Manhattan in the coming months ahead so be on the lookout for that.

More SimCity New York next time.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Google Earth New York: Manhattan Finished!

My other recreation project has taken a big step forward toward being complete, Manhattan is now finished thanks to a new 3D update to Google Earth. Here's some of the latest pictures from Google New York:

The Financial District

The Lower East Side, SoHo, Greenwich Village and other areas of Lower Manhattan.


The Upper East Side

We'll take a closer look next time.