Thursday, May 22, 2008

NYCJ Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download your city/region?

Unfortunately it can‘t be downloaded for technical and logistical reasons. It would be a nightmare to download my region for a number of reasons:

1. There are supporting files, BAT, mods, textures and other creations made by other users that would have to be downloaded from various websites. These supporting files are called dependencies and if a dependency is missing when the game is running a large brown box will appear.

2. There are currently hundreds of these supporting files. It would be hard to compile a list of all the supporting files that I’ve collected throughout the years as some websites I’ve downloaded the file have be taken down or the file is no longer available for download.

3. These supporting files are located in my plugins folder which is currently over 1GB in size. The region is also a large file size and downloading a file that is 2GB would be difficult for most.

As much as I would like to put my region up for download it would be more efficient to make your own New York region. You can download creations I have made for the game and a very accurate map of the New York region in the download section. Here’s how to install regions in SC4. Maybe you can make a better recreation.

Where can I get those buildings?

You can get all the buildings I made in the downloads section.

Where did you get those cars?

Most of the cars in the screenshots are 3ds max renders which have been photoshopped into the screenshots to add more realism than the original automata provides. I’m trying to figure a way to mod these 3d models into the game as automata. In the meantime, I will make them available as static props that can be placed on lots.

Where can I get those subway trains?

Those are also photoshopped models of subway cars. I’ll make them available as props in the future.

What program did you use to create this?

I used SimCity 4. You can buy it through Amazon or at your local game retailer.

Can you make _____ building?

I normally don’t take requests and I’m very busy at the moment. Although, my 3d skills are available for clients J

I’m traveling to New York and found your site helpful about “lesser known” attraction. Do you plan on making it more practical for tourists?

Yes, in the future I plan on making reviews of restaurants, neighborhood profiles and other guides that can assist individuals looking for practical information about New York.

Are you recreating any other cities?

Yes, I’m currently making Boston, Chicago, Washington D.C., and San Francisco.

Are you planning on doing any international cities in the future?

Maybe; if I have time.

Can you make my house?
... No.


Rebelfish said...

You've spelled "Frequently" wrong (not in the title, but in the menu at right). Just a heads-up :)

ehanson said...

Thanks for letting me know.

I'm re-doing the layout of the blog and didn't double-check everything yet. I need to get a construction sign and a hard hat :)

Anonymous said...

Did somone asked you to actually make their house??? Weird... But great job on your project so far.

Carmelo said...

I have noticed that some of your content gives 404 errors when trying to download them. Do you need a place to host them? I will host them for free if you would like!

ehanson said...

Anonymous, no I just put that in there to be silly :)

Thanks for letting me know Carmelo. I'll go through the links and check them out.

Thanks for the offer also.Currently, they're hosted at Media Fire but I might take you up on that offer.

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Jenn said...

How can I make the street outline in Sim City, I am trying to recreate NEW AMSTERDAM. via the 1800's

Anonymous said...

In one or two of your downloads (270 Park Ave and JP Morgan) the description says that you can download them to that guy's blog. So I went to that guy's blog to download those buildings, but I couldn't find the download section. Please help? :(