Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ferrara Bakery and Cafe Review

In addition to mashup maps that help you get around I’m adding a new section to the blog, restaurant reviews. A 3D recreation can also be practical and helpful as well as entertaining ;)

Since it’s the middle of summer we’ll see where the Best Gelato in New York is.

There’s a lot of great places to get some great gelato but Ferrara Bakery and Café In Little Italy has some of the best gelato in New York (or at least Manhattan). Even though it can be a little touristy and sometimes pricey ($6 for a iced mocha) it’s still worth it for the gelato, tiramisu and cannoli’s.

You can check out photos of Ferrara at Yelp.

Ferrara Bakery & Café
195 Grand St (between Mott St & Mulberry St)
Average tab- $10-20

Ferrara Bakery SimCity stlye


Jack said...

Hello Hanson,

I just wanted to thank you for all of your wonderful work so far and to urge you to keep it up. I'm sorry I haven't talked to you in a while. I figured that this was the easiest way to reach you. Anyway, your BATs are very high quality, and I'm looking forward to upcoming releases. I've noticed 520 Madison Avenue in some of your pictures and was wondering if you are going to release it. I was also curious as to how Park Avenue Tower was coming.If there is anyway I can help out just let me know.

Many thanks,

Anonymous said...

Hello Hanson,

I've been watching your work for a few months now and all I have to say is your work is fantastic!!! I am trying to make my own recreation of NYC...not as accurate as yours but just for fun and your work is a real inspiration I must say...I recently downloaded your Lever House BAT and installed it into the plugins folder but i found that it did not show up in the game...I was wondering what the problem could be???

If possible, can you please contact me at simtropolis? user name is gio10469

thank you,


ehanson said...

Ed, sent you a private message at Simtropolis. BTW, I check my private messages every morning there so you can always PM me there. You can always reach me here too.


I'll release 520 Madison Avenue and Park Avenue Tower soon. Hopefully before the end of this month.

I finished the about a year ago(sorry it's taking forever to put them up for download)

Though, I think 520 Madison only comes as a prop and not a landmark. I was having LOD issues when trying to make it a landmark.

I can send you the files if you want? I also have some cars I might need you to render for me for my delayed car prop pack.

Thanks for stopping by and offering to help,

Paul said...


I would love to help out with rendering. My email is but I think you already have it. Prop buildings don't bother me, so 520 Madison would be a great addition to my NYC. Also, Jack is the name of my dog and my google user name, Paul is my real name. I thought that looked funny so I changed it after I published that last comment.


ehanson said...

Hi Paul,

I might send you some car props this afternoon via You Send It for you to render. I'm working on a lot of projects in BAT but I've been having some LOD problems with BAT lately and want to release my car props to the masses already.

Don't be surprised if there's a couple of files from me in your inbox :)

I'll try releasing 520 Madison this week also.


Paul said...

Hi Hanson,

Unfortunately I have not been able to render those cars for you. It seems that the camera rigging and textures are saved in separate files. I don't have those files so the program is refusing to load anything. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you, but I have been unexpectedly busy.


Anonymous said...

would really like to see this bakery and cafe uploaded in your downloads section. maybe on simtropolis? will definitely add to my collection!