Thursday, May 22, 2008

Google Earth New York Update

Work on my other project Google Earth New York has slowed down in recent months but it hasn't stopped. There's still a way to go but it will be interesting to see which one (if any) I finish first. Here's a look at the latest developments of the project.

19 Rector Street in the Financial District

Battery Park City progress

The Triborough Bridge

Newly constructed Seven World Trade Center

520 Madison Avenue in Midtown

More next time.


Anonymous said...

I have the sketchup model for 19 Rector Street for simcity and working on a detailed non_textured box version too.

ehanson said...

Great! Can't wait to see it.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to practice up on other smaller B.A.Ts berfore this one, and I'm a little confused about the sketchup version compared to real pictures I have of it, so it may be awhile. But I will make it soon...may be more of a based-off of model than the exact thing...

Anonymous said...

Ugh...Hate to double post or whatever(and later from my last comment) when I said I'm working on 19 Rector Street, It doesn't mean not to do your own. Your a very dedicated player to this, hope I didn't slow your project by saying I was making it.