Tuesday, May 27, 2008

3D Cars Bring Life to Streets of SimNYC

The 2D cars on the sim streets are being replaced with 3d cars. I've been collecting 3d cars for the past couple of years from various 3d websites such as the 3D Mesh Research Database. Here's a recent example the 3D transition:
Before 3D cars
I'm also working on 3D car props which can be placed on lots as static props.

These should roll out into the download section soon.


Anonymous said...

Hello, hanson, I've been looking at your work in Simcity for so long and I am impressed by the realism of the city itself.
I am asturianu from Simtropolis, and I have just seen that you are also recreating Chicago and Boston, what a good work there.

Something I love are those 3D cars..are you still uploading some car props here? it would be relly cool to have those and use them in our own CJs

Thanks and keep the amazing work


ehanson said...

Hi asturianu,

I'll release the first few 3D cars in a prop pack but I'm having LOD issues that I still have to figure out with the models.

They'll be released once I fix the problem.

Thank for stopping by,

Caros said...

I like your 3D cars and and the props
How can I get them?

best regards