Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday Drive in the Park

A nice Sunday afternoon drive along the 79th Street Transverse Road in Central Park.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Around Town: Summer in New York

It's the middle of summer in New York City. Here are a couple of popular New York summer spots from around the town. First stop the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

The Brooklyn Heights Promenade is a great place to stroll along on a nice summer day and take in the dramatic views of the city riverside. See the views.

Next up a great summer spot in the Village, Washington Square Park. Surrounded by the New York University campus Washington Square Park is the backyard of Greenwich Village (and is also the unofficial "quad" of NYU).

Sit and relax by the fountain, play with your dog at the new dog run or pick a shady spot and watch the street performers.

Finally, we head to the Theater District to the Ed Sullivan Theater where The Late Show with David Letterman is filmed.

In the summertime at 53rd and Broadway tourist can be often seen waiting in line to get tickets to the Late Show. Some may stop by Rupert G's deli around the corner or crowd around to see the celebrity guests get out of their limos. Though tonight taping has ended and the only way to see the show is on TV.

We'll have more next time.

One Year Anniversary of The New York City Journals

Has it been one year already?

It has, in fact its been a little more than a year since I embarked on this project.The time has gone by so fast it seems, yet much was done in just a year for a project this size. NYCJ took a trip to the lesser know islands of New York, celebrated holidays and even got a bit of media attention earlier this year. Sim New York continues to grow up and out (much like its real life counter part).

I've put together a video of the best of the New York City Journals from the past year for those who don't want to sift through the archives for previous updates.

And there's still much left to do; buildings to BAT and neighborhoods to create. Stay tuned because there's much, much more to come.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Google Earth New York Grows


Google Earth New York (my other New York recreation project) is growing by leaps and bounds thanks to some major updates at the 3D Warehouse by the talented Sketchup model maker's. Here's a quick look around the city to see what's going on.

Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.

Shea Stadium in Queens

The U.S. Tennis Center next door in Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

The Queensboro Bridge

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Park Avenue (looking south from 57th Street)

A re-textured Flatiron Building

Heading south along Fifth Avenue into Greenwich Village we glide over Washington Square Arch in Washington Square Park.

The Financial District is nearing completion.

The Manhattan Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge (now with textures)

The TWA Terminal at JFK Airport

The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge which is the longest suspension bridge in the United States. It connects Brooklyn to Staten Island.

Again, all these creation are available for download in Google Earth at the 3D Warehouse.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

$225,000 New York Parking Space

Some quick weekend news for today about parking spaces going for a pretty penny on the West Side.

A new condo development offered guaranteed parking spaces in the garage of the development for as much as $225,000 per space. The cost of the actual condos are separate from the cost of the parking space. Many people signed up for a parking spot of their own and all of the space quickly sold out when word spread. Now there is a waiting list of other potential buyers wanting to get parking relief in a city where parking is often a nightmare.

Some parking space owners are selling their spots to others and buying them as money making investments- some don't even own a car. One owners spot even doubled in value over the past year. Many other condo developments are now doing the same thing all over the city to get in on the parking space real estate boom.

New York isn't the only city where parking space can go for as much as the cost of a home; Boston parking spaces can go for as much as $125,000 and Chicago spaces sell for as much as $75,000.

Could we be entering a parking space bubble? Only realtor's know :) You can read more about these pricey parking spaces in this New York Times piece.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independence Day

Macy's Fourth of July firework show near the Statue of Liberty.