Thursday, March 25, 2010

Next Gen Urban Simulation and Visualization

I've written about next gen urban simulation in the past before but I stumbled across a video today which made me think more about the direction of 3d visualization and how it applies to urban simulation games.

The video creators shows the game engine of CryTek 2 combined with renderings from Enodo

Here's some renderings from Enodo projects which hint at what a next gen simulator might look like.

Bryant Park rendering, NYC: Example of daytime lighting, fauna, shadows, sims and graphics

NYC Public Library: mid to high poly models

Bellagio, Las Vegas: example of textures and realism

La Defense, Paris: example of night lighting and traffic UI

If a urban simulation game were to be created similar to this players would need to a powerful graphics card to run it and a very good computer. But with computers getting more and more advanced and can handle more graphic intensive gaming. We'll wait and see or build our own ;)

More next time

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Midtown in the Making

Midtown is (slowly) coming along with some help from the NYBAT team. 570 Lexington, and 599 Lexington Citigroup. Here's pictures of the latest developments:


More next time.