Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Donation Downloads

I'm raising funds for my long term goals of the recreation project:

-Pay for hosting and an existing domain name for a separate website
-Buy some 3D models of landmarks (to expedite the tedious BATing process)
-Purchase Sketchup Pro.

The files will be delivered to you via email in a ZIP file as soon as I get notification of a donation.

General FAQ

Isn't this already the website for the project?

For now it is until everything can be moved to site where all the downloads can be organized in an easier fashion. Even though it is technically a blog, Blogger is limited in what you can do,  how you can design your content and organize your information. I would like to have a more easily navigable website in the long term. The project is now getting too big to fit on one blog and it needs to be moved to a real website.

Does this mean we have to pay for all your creations in the future?

No, this is the first and only set of downloads that will cost anything. Everything else will continue to be free. Only these downloads are only available to those who donate.

How much should I donate?

You can donate any amount you want (although donations of $1 or less get eaten up by PayPal and don't go to the person you're donating to unfortunately) I appreciate any support and am thankful for the support I have already received.

Do I need a credit card to donate?

No credit cards are needed to donate, but they still are accepted.

Can someone donate internationally to get the downloads?

Yes, international donations are accepted unless you're a prince from Kenya donating your fortunes :)

What do I get for donating?

You will get 4 of my BAT's and the 3D model files which you can modify the shape or textures of:

-The Metropolitan Club
-A typical New York low rise mixed use apartment
-Tom's Restaurant (the diner in Seinfield)
-Trinity Church

You will also get 3 car props to place on lots:

How do I get the downloads?

I will send the file to you via email. It should arrive in a Zip file within 24 hours or less; so be sure you have WinZip or a similar file unpacking application so you can place the files into your SimCity folder. Be sure also to give me your email so I can email you the file.

Are there any dependencies that are needed for these downloads?

Unfortunately, yes but only for one file thankfully. Trinity Church uses JBSimio's fence prop on the lot. You need to download BSC MEGA Props JBSimio Vol01 and Vol 2 at SC4 Devotion you'll also need my New York Props Pack available in the downloads section.

If you have any questions email me at or PM me at; at my account there: Hanson784.

Many thanks!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Harlem in the Making

Here's some progress shots of Harlem, East Harlem specifically around 3rd Avenue from 106th Street to 125th Street. I was working on this area and turned on the night view after I plopped down marcszar's fantastic NYC Housing Projects (available in the downloads section) They looked so nice and realistic at night I took some pictures.

Some things may change I will tweak for accuracy, but for now it looks pretty good. More next time