Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sim New York Goes Back in Time: Part One

Here's the first part of our time travelin' series.

We'll travel back in time to the mid-90's when SimCity 2000 was the latest and greatest game and Times Square was becoming more family freindly. First stop: six years ago.

Times Square, 2003

We start our journey on 42nd and Broadway in 2003. The city was getting over 9/11 and word was beginning buzz around City Hall about New York tossing it's hat into the bid for the 2012 Olympics.

Trump was busy constructing Trump Place on the Upper West Side, the finishing touches were going on the AOL Time Warner Center and Mayor Bloomberg made it official a smoking ban would be in place for restaurants and bars.

Upper East Side, 1998

Next stop the Guggenheim Museum, 1998. In this year on the Upper East Side alone, You've Got Mail, , The Perfect Murder, Town and Country, the Out of Towner's, the Thomas Crowne Affair, Finding Forester and Eyes Wide Shut were filmed in and around this area, not to mention Law & Order and Sex and the City (causing some residents to be star struck and some to have headaches).

Down in Midtown America's first green skyscraper was half way finished and getting rave reviews from architects and residents alike; the Conde Nast Building.

Plus, average rent was "only" $1,600 per month back then.

SoHo, 1996

Ah, New York in the mid 90's.

The police cars were blue, the subway cars were still red (mostly), gas guzzling big Crown Vic's and Caprice's ruled the roads and gigantic billboards advertising Tommy Hilfiger, Joe Boxer and of course DKNY were plastered on the sides of buildings throughout the city(the famous DKNY billboard was replaced last year by Abrocrombie & Fitch)

Times Square was also noticeably different than it is now.

Next time we'll head back into the 1980's and 1970's.