Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Coney Island

Before we head to the Hamptons we need to go to Coney Island. Summer in New York would not be summer without a stroll along the boardwalk or stopping by Nathan's Hot Dogs.

The section of the map where Coney Island is located hasn't been updated in for awhile, but thanks to the BAT of the Wonder Wheel (or as it is depicted in the BAT the Liberty City Wheel from GTA IV) Here are some pictures below of the area.

The Cyclone in SimCity (available at Simtropolis) Still a bit of work to be done on this part, but most of my focus is on developing Manhattan

An overview at night. In real life Coney Island still lights up the night sky.

Stay tuned for more next time.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lower Manhattan Updated Finally

I recently updated Lower Manhattan and removed the World Trade Center so the region would not be in a time warp between pre and post 9/11. Here's the most recent shot of the region.

As you can see the area now looks a little... empty. I'll have to solve that with BAT ;) I haven't put the new One World Trade Center in because it hasn't been built yet and I'm trying to keep this recreation as accurate as possible. There's only a construction site for the new 1 WTC just like in reality. Here's pre 9/11 region shot for anyone interested.

I'll have close up of the area in another post. More to come later.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

YouCity Launches Manhattan Map

A source of inspiration for my project has come from watching the progress of YouCity's map of Manhattan. After working for years on their 3D map of New York YouCity the team has finally launched their map of Manhattan.

It really has the feel of SimCity 3000 and I'm still wondering if every building is modeled in complete 3D, it appears as if they are. You can check it out yourself at youcity.com

Sunday, July 12, 2009

SimCity Does the Hamptons

Pack your Polo shirts (and clubs) and break out your sandals because we're headed to the Hamptons next weekend for a virtual summer vacation in SimCity.

Be on the lookout for that. More next time.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Statue of Liberty Re-opens for the Foruth of July

Today the Statue of Liberty reopened to the public after being closed since 9/11. Now it is open again for tourists and locals alike to enjoy the views from the crown. Visitors are still not allowed to go up to the torch as it is still closed and only 30 visitors can go up to the crown at one time as the area is so small.

You can read more at this Daily News article.

More later.

4th of July SimCity Style

Happy 4th of July!