Tuesday, June 12, 2007

EA Announces SimCity Socities and New Screenshots

EA launched the official website of SimCity Societies last night giving those who had SimCity 4 set as their homepage a little surprise this morning.

New screenshots are showcased there. Though, the quality of the screenshots are debatable as personal perception, age of viewer and the viewers gaming expeirence (with current and previous versions SimCity and similar strategy games) plays a role in qualifying the quality of screenshots the screenshots suggest the game is going toward a younger target audience or the fan base of the Sims.

In one screenshot the skyline has a depiction of the Chrysler Building, possibly suggesting landmarks will be included. The Chrysler Building looks in-accurate and stylized which goes along with what president of Tilted Mill, Chris Beatrice, heavily hinted at: SimCity Societies will be about building cities, but it will not be a urban simulation game like SimCity 4. Will Wright, creator of SimCity, stated the game got to difficult for the average player and is going back to its "roots"

Also, the stoplights are based off of New York stoplights and look familiar from another place.

Some people are suggesting initial screenshots of SimCity 4 looked better the latest screenshots of SimCity Societies. You decide.

Others are suggesting that this is not SimCity 5 but rather a spin off on the SimCity title as it is called SimCity Socities.

Stay tuned for more developments.

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