Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New York in the Making: A Bit of Brooklyn and Queens

It’s time again to take a sneak peak behind the scenes for a bit of Brooklyn and Queens in the making. First up, Queens.

Development is expanding east into Queens and is moving up towards LaGuardia Airpot. The streets are laid out as far north as Astoria. There’s a bit of splotchy development in eastern Queens around Flushing Meadows Park and the Richmond Hill neighborhood.

Here’s an in the making shot of a neighborhood in Queens called Sunnyside. You can see 7 Line elevated tracks above Queens Boulevard also.

Brooklyn has a bit more development going on. The boroughs streets are laid out all the way from Bay Ridge to Greenpoint and as far east as Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Another in the making shot of Park Slope with a bit of Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens showing at the top.

Here’s a reference map for those who don’t know New York that well.

More to come next time.

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Alvin said...

Very nice, but for Sunnyside, I think you should have had two one way roads adjacent to the 7 train line to represent Queens Blvd.