Monday, June 18, 2007

City Life Sequel in Production: Cities Unlimited

More breaking news from Monte Cristo. Monter Cristo gave the leading SimCity fansite,, an exclusive interview with developer Phillipe Da Silva.

Though, the game won't be called City Life 2. Instead the "internal code name" is currently "Cities Unlimited" and has been under construction for 14 months.

More clues about the Cities Unlimited game from the developer, "We are drastically stepping up our ambition in term of graphical quality and we want to get closer to what people expect in terms of city management.

We will also use the fact that, as an independent studio, we have a freedom of creation to bring some never experimented before features that we are convinced will get you exited a lot."

"On weather and disasters, we have already made some internal tests and we are looking on how they could integrate in the game. Weather discussions are mainly on the graphics side while disaster discussions are more on the game design aspects where we want to know how this could benefit the game play (preparing your city for them? managing the after effects? Etc...)"

"...we won't leave behind and that we’ll even improve with a lot of small animated events in your city that makes it even more realistic such as someone yelling after a bus because he missed it, pedestrians walking by and suddenly stopping to talk to each other, or even a car almost hitting a pedestrian..."

Sounds to be gearing up to be a great alternative to SimCity Societies. We'll have more on the development of Cities Unlimited as it progresses. Stay tuned for more.

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