Tuesday, July 17, 2007

One Year Anniversary of The New York City Journals

Has it been one year already?

It has, in fact its been a little more than a year since I embarked on this project.The time has gone by so fast it seems, yet much was done in just a year for a project this size. NYCJ took a trip to the lesser know islands of New York, celebrated holidays and even got a bit of media attention earlier this year. Sim New York continues to grow up and out (much like its real life counter part).

I've put together a video of the best of the New York City Journals from the past year for those who don't want to sift through the archives for previous updates.

And there's still much left to do; buildings to BAT and neighborhoods to create. Stay tuned because there's much, much more to come.


Ravi said...

Wow this project keeps getting better and better. I'm wondering, will it be downloable to the public once it's finished? I'd certainly like to mess around with a few things.

Anonymous said...

By being downloadable I meant the entire city itself.

ehanson said...

Hi ravi,

Unfortunately the entire city itself cannot be downloaded as the file size would be too large to host on most servers.

Plus, the dependent files I have collected by others would have to be included and I have literally hundreds (and growing) pieces of content made by others associated with this project.

Thankfully, you can download my creations in the download section and produce your own New York like mine.

Thanks for stopping by.