Friday, August 04, 2006

Manhattan in the Making: BAT's Under Construction

Just a quick update on the development of the project.

Part of the fun which comes in recreating New York is creating custom content for the map. BAT's play the main role in this project because without them New York isn't New York. Currently, I'm nearing completion on one of the BAT's I'm working on, Trinity Church. (The other two BAT's I'm currently working on are the Carnegie Deli and Park Avenue Tower) This is the first church I've batted of this scale and detail level and while it may not be like Caliban's awe inspiring churches I think I've done a pretty good job.

The steeple looks a little squashed due to the perspective of the game, but the building is accurately scaled to 85 meters. There's still a little more work to done such finishing up the rear, adding a few details to the steeple and nightlighting before it's ready for rendering and lot making. After that it will be placed at the end of Wall Street.

Be on the look out for it in a development shot of the Financial District.

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