Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Heatwave Causes Casuing Scattered Outages All over City

With temperatures in the triple digits and demand on the power grid being put to its limits, the city is experiencing scattered power outages. Con Ed are working to restore power to the affected areas. Areas such as Sunset Park and Ozone Park lost power yesterday night.

"It was just a big ‘kaboom!’ Everybody heard. The car alarms just went off and all the lights went off completely," said Crystal Mendez who lost power.

Landmarks around the city are doing their part to conserve energy during the heatwave.

At Yankee Stadium, the Diamondvision Screen was turned off landmarks such as the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings shut off the spotlights on their spires and all the East River Bridges spotlights went dark as well.

To see a list of ways to stay safe during the heatwave see The NYC Office of Emergency Management has some tips on how to beat the heat at

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