Monday, October 13, 2014

Just a Little Update

Just a little update of what I came across on A great recreation of Manhattan and Brooklyn (or at least part of it) This was created by , you can view his great thread here:

On a side note apologies for the lack of updates and year long absence. After version 2 of my recreation was corrupted I'm now hard at work on version 3. Which some have seen already in previous posts and is turning out something like keils' map which I can say proudly.

It is incredibly tedious process but a project of passion. More updates soon!


Anonymous said...

It`s good to see that you and your blog are back on track.I also started my own Simcity 4 NYC a few weeks ago and i`m happy for every little bit that exists for SC 4.
I guess i might have most of your stuff in my Plugin folder (exept the stuff where the links are broken...) and also tons of other NYC related BATs.
I hope you will make a few more things for everyone favorite City and will keept on playing SC4

Greetings Chris W.

BTW,great links on that other CJ

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you and your blog back on track.I started a Simcity 4 NYC a few weeks ago and i guess i already have almost everything gobbled up thats available for Simcity.
Some links on your site seem to be obsolete and don`t work anymore.
Hopefully you will do some more BAT`s for our favorite big city...

keep on simming

Greetings Chris W.

ehanson said...

Thanks Chris. This has to be one of the longest running SimCity projects... well ever I guess.

I'll go through the list of links and update them in due time. I'll need to do a bit of housekeeping since that's been a long time coming ;)

Looking forward to seeing your recreation also.