Saturday, January 05, 2013

Housekeeping, Updates and Organizing Downloads Section

I'm back to BATing and continuing on with the recreation project. I've begun to slowly organizing the downloads section for everyone as I add more downloads to it. I've added the latest creation from darkono of the NY BAT team in the Fansite Downloads on the download page:

I'll be catching up with the latest additions to fansite downloads to bring them here so they can conveniently be in one place. Organizing the downloads section will take some as it's gotten very messy over they years and it needs to be easier for visitors to navigate. Any suggestions are welcome btw!

Also, I BATing again between spurts of free time! The Flatiron Building is still in the works and needs texturing and night lighting.

Stay tuned for updates and more!


Anonymous said...

Good to see you back, I've been pouring over this blog for inspiration in order to create my own fantasy metropolis (based on numerous cities not least of which is New York). So it's good to know I'll have a little more to inspire me.

As for organizing the BAT section. I don't know how feasible this is but it'd be cool if you had a google maps style map that had the buildings, that are available for download, highlighted on the map. You'd click the highlighted building and it would take you to the relevant download page.

Elvin Amahan said...

Hello, if I may ask here, but can you please tell me how I can download the NY buildings from PGBV's blog? I really like those buildings but I can't see any download link there. :(