Friday, December 11, 2009

Park Avenue Redux

Here's a redo of one of my earlier pictures capturing Park Avenue in the spring, at least around 53rd Street.

More next time.


Claudiu said...


I'm a game developer and currently participating in a game development. The rules of the contest don't imply any prizes, but I would really like to have some Manhattan tiles available.

I saw a post of yours from 2006 that has what I need. I'm asking for your approval to use them. Credits returned of course. This is the post I'm talking about.

I would really like to receive an answer from you.


ehanson said...

Hi Claudiu,

Sorry for the delayed response. Are you referring to the SC3000 and SC2000 tilesets?

If so, I didn't make those but the SC3KU sets can be downloaded from the official exchange,

I haven't been there for a number of years so I'm not sure if some of those are still available.

The SC2000 one is available from,

Hope that helps,

Claudiu said...

Thank you for the answer, it's really helpful. It really doesn't matter if it's SC3000 or SC2000, I just need Manhattan :)

Thank you,