Sunday, May 10, 2009

927 Fifth Avenue- A Thank You Gift

With my recent post on cracking down on spam I wanted to post something positive. As I don't have a proper update ready yet (still) I do however have another New York BAT ready for download as a thank you to everyone out there for taking in interest in my gigantic project to recreate New York in Simcity. Or at least recreate sections of it :)

I'll put it up in the downloads section later but for now you can download it right here off the main page.

It's 927 Fifth Avenue and the luxury co-op located at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 74th Street on the Upper East Side. The address was home to Mary Tyler Moore and New York's most famous pair of birds, Pale Male and Lola.

I've been meaning to put it up for download ever since last year but somehow it got lost in the shuffle. Now it's finally available.

BTW, that giant green diamond is not a lost diamond of one of a socialite resident, it's a surprise animation. Enjoy and thank you again.


SJ said...

Much thanks

Anonymous said...

Where can I find the winter Garden of World Financial Center?