Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sim New York: Inaugural Excursion to Washington DC Preview

With the end of a historical week comes the beginning of another project gearing up for the presidential inauguration in Washington DC.

I've been working on and off on DC for a couple years now. Only the areas around Capitol Hill and downtown have been laid out. Here's a an overview of my current progress so far.

A Metro Police car is on special assignment patrolling the west parking lot of the White House for president elect Obama's visit.

The Jefferson Monument at night.

Be on the lookout for my special inaugural update in January. More Sim New York coming up next time.


simcity4fan12 said...

Very interesting work Hanson, you're creating multiple cities I see. By the way I sent you the 85 West street files. Let me know if you get them correctly.

ehanson said...

Yep, I got the file, thanks for sending it. I'll begin working on it as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

DC looks good, I live there and you're doing a great job. Try to move the White House ALOT closer to the Wash Monument though, they are only a few blocks apart.

simcity4fan12 said...

Hanson, I tried using that Blender thing with the google earth kmz imports for puting sketch up models in the BAT and I figured how but I'm having errors. After importing the exported 3ds file some parts of the building do not show up and the applied textures turn into solid colors. Do you know how I can fix the dissapearing edges? Are the textures supposed to turn into solid colors? By the way how's Sim New York and the 85 West street building coming along?

ehanson said...

The textures won't be transferred to Blender so you'll have to re-texture the walls. Depending on the size of the building it's not that much of a hassle.

Also, sometimes the walls will have sections missing or other components will be missing when you import models into Blender. I haven't found a solution for this yet and just rebuild the missing area.

As for 85 West St, I started to work on it a bit but finals and end of the year school projects have me busy this week.

I'll be done with school next week so I should be able to work on it then.