Saturday, August 23, 2008

SimNew York Turns Five!

The project turned five a month or two ago but I have not had time to make an update until now.

I'm celebrating by giving two 3D gift's to all the BATer's out there and taking a look back at the history of New York being created in SimCity and showing what's around the curve for Sim New York as well as a few other projects I'm working on.

Next month I'll be releasing The Globe from the World Trade Center to pay tribute to 9/11 as well as the long awaited Park Avenue Tower.

We'll also take a look a the different looks of various New York's taxis cruising around the streets of New York since they were painted the iconic yellow in the 1970's and we'll head to the Queens for a second installment of my neighborhood spotlight series.


Anonymous said...

Great how this project is 5 years old! Thanks for releasing the 3d models of the Citgroup Center and One Lberty Plaza. I'm glad that they we free too. I also found an entire free 3ds model of the origonal World Trade Center Complex.

Anonymous said...

Can i ask a question here about putting lighting on BATS?(sorry if this is the wrong place to ask)I'm using transclucent glass textures for a lobby of a building I'm making so it would be see-through, but how would I put lights with it so it could shine out onto a plaza with the building and still being able to see the inside of the lobby at night?

ehanson said...

Thanks, although I already have a BAT of the WTC made by Rubrik3. You can download it on the STEX at Simtropolis. (I also put it up in the downloads section)

anonymous, you can use an omni to light up the interior. The light will also shine through the window and create a nice night ambiance. I think there are a couple of posts in the nightlite thread at ST.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for going to relase the WTC Globe and the Park Avenue Tower,but what about the Sony Building and your version of the Citicorp Center that you said you were working on a while back? Just curious to know.

Anonymous said...

Hanson I noticed that you use some Maxis made buildings with most of your releases, and for some reason when I download it, the extra Maxis buildings don't show up in the game. I have the building props so I don't understand why it's doing that.
Also Hanson, I think one of your releases includes extra lots that I don't have dependencies for, not street props, the entire buildings.
One more thing, I have the sketchup models in 3ds for 60 Wall Street and the World Financial Center. If you are interested I'll try to email them to you, but I retextured some things, mostly oly the roof textures. Congrats on the 5th year of SimNew York.

Anonymous said...

I have another BAT question Hanson, I actually use sketchup to make the models then put them in the BAT for nightlighting and rendering,but sketchup has certain components like trees, cars and park or plaza stuff, and I was wondering, would it be ok that i used those components in my model then put it on a file exchange? I can model mostly everything with buildings, but details like trees and all thst is a little difficult for me. Oh and in my earlier post, I forgot to mention congratulations on the 5th birthday of Sim Manhattan. Great job!