Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sim New York in the Making: At Night

Here's some development shots at night of the recreation. Automata (vehicles) are turned off in these shots so that's why the streets look eerily empty. Also, the areas shown are in development and still have large empty spaces. More detailed, completed night shots will be posted for another update.

Washington Square Park at night with the Washington Monument lit up.

St. Mark's in the Bowery Church in the East Village

Midtown at night.

An area of Midtown north of 42nd Street showing the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, Rockefeller Center and the Bear Sterns Building.The Lever House at night

More coming up next time.


Anonymous said...

Great to see some more updates. Seems like it would be hard to see at night of what I noticed in the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Midtown is looking great, but how about downtown Manhattan? Any recent updates there?

ehanson said...

I'll show more of Downtown in an update coming up soon. Not much has been going on down there though.

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