Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sim New York at Christmas

Sim New York is gearing up for Christmas it's less than a week away. The Waldorf Astoria is decorated for the holidays inside and out.

The lights of Times Square can't upstage the Christmas tree located on the traffic island at 46th and Broadway.

Lincoln Center's Christmas tree decorated with blue lights.

The lesser known Christmas tree in City Hall Park.

Finally, the world famous Rockefeller Christmas tree.
More next time. Happy Holidays.


F said...

How did You do the 3-lane road at 46th and broadway?

(Excuse me for my poor english )

ehanson said...

Hi f,

I made it in photoshop. I'm not sure if there are any mods for a 3-lane road.

f said...

Ok, Looks good anyway. I dont think there are any mods for 3-lane road, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

where'd you get the taxi's