Monday, August 06, 2007

Google Earth New York


Another update of the continually growing Google Earth New York, my other 3D New York recreation. Here's some sights from the Financial District.

Hanover Square near Wall Street

The Banker's Trust Building on Wall Street

The Cube in the Plaza of the HSBC Building (formerly the Marine Midland Bank Building)

17 State Street at the tip of Lower Manhattan near Battery Park

The Police Museum near FDR Drive

88 Pine Street (also known as Wall Street Plaza)

The Wall Street corridor at Broadway

Stay tuned for more next time.


Anonymous said...

hey, just wondering if you had any BATs of the building i mentioned in the last post at


ehanson said...


I have a lot of New York BAT creations in the download section. Specifically from your list 2 and 3 World Financial Center.

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, and you might want to check this out


ehanson said...

Thanks. I've seen that video on YouTube before, it's pretty nice. Though, Google Earth seems to have better quality textures.

Ed said...

Hey man, im a big NY fan from Australia and am hopefully heading over there soon!

You are doing some awesome work but i was wondering if its possible to upload the work you are doing on google earth to the google earth site? Would they be interested in putting it up there because im sure your completed city would be of great interest to a large number of people plus it would be some great promotion for yourself...

ehanson said...

Hi Ed,

All of the models I've placed in Google Earth were created by other modelers. I downloaded them at Google Earth's 3D Warehouse:

Take care,