Sunday, March 11, 2007

New York Subway Pack Available for Download

New 72nd Street Station

Just a quick announcement of some SimCity custom content today. I've put up a New York subway station pack in the downloads section. The stations are modeled after Astor Place station and the new 72nd Street Station.

Astor Place Station


Matthew Kramer said...

heh, I was just at Astor Pl. yesterday, used that very same subway entrance.
Keep up the great work :)

By the way, those Little Italy buildings...are they based on any two in particular? They remind me on the complex above Ferra's on Mulberry & Grand.

Elliot said...

Thanks Matt,

Yep, the picture revealing my sneak preview of Little Italy shows Ferrara's on Grand Street and the adjoining buildings on the block.

Matthew Kramer said...

Knew it :)

(interestingly enough, my friend lives in that complex and I've had the pleasure of staying the night (The smell of backing Italian goods in the morning is to die for... my poor diet..)

Anonymous said...


The download links to and don't work anymore. Can you please re-upload?


Elliot said...

Sorry about that. All files are now re-uploaded and should be working.

Enjoy :)