Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Manhattan in the Making: Downtown Development

Lower Manhattan is continuing to develop. Below is a shot of the rising skyline with 88 Pine Street, the Trump Building, and the Banker's Trust Building.

The Trump Building is a sketchup model, which was downloaded from Google's 3D Warehouse for Google Earth and is a rough draft so far. Eventually the model will get finished once it's edited to SC4 standards.


Anonymous said...

Hi~! good maker~!

I want your Trump Building file~

you can send it to me?

if you can send to me, send it here



Anonymous said...

Cool Trump Building. When are you gonna let us be able to download it?

ehanson said...

It's just a placemarker for the final version. The one in the picture was just the work in progress. It's not done yet.

I'll make it available for everyone when I finally get time to finish it.